Welcome to the downloads page of my website. I have grouped the files into the following sections: Graphics, LaTeX, Monte Carlos, and Replications. I also have created a number of Shiny apps that can be found here. You can also find a number of talks and other materials at this link.



  • A short introduction to LaTeX, a typesetting program, can be accessed here.

  • Templates and additional files for the introduction can be found here.

  • A simple Beamer-style LaTeX presentation with CU colors can be found here.

Monte Carlos

  • A short introduction to Monte Carlo simulations using both R and Stata can be found here

  • A Monte Carlo simulation of the Central Limit Theorem, as well as autocorrelation: Monte Carlo 1 (In Stata), Monte Carlo 1 (In R)

  • Stata: A Monte Carlo simulation of "breaking" an instrumental variable approach: Monte Carlo 2

  • Stata: A Monte Carlo simulation of the performance of the Zivot-Andrews unit root test under structural breaks: Monte Carlo 3

  • Stata: Investigating the performance of a variety of panel unit root tests: Monte Carlo 4

  • Some short code for canned bootstrap and jack-knife procedures in Stata (includes Monte Carlo simulations): Bootstrap, Jack-knife, Monte Carlo (In Stata)