University of Colorado Boulder

  • PSCI 7108: Time Series and Pooled Time Series. Syllabus
  • PSCI 7095: Advanced Political Data Analysis. Syllabus
  • PSCI 7155: Maximum Likelihood. Syllabus
  • PSCI 3075: Applied Political Science Research Syllabus
  • PSCI 3105: Designing Social Inquiry. Syllabus
  • PSCI 2075: Quantitative Research Methods. Syllabus

Texas A&M

  • POLS 328-502: Globalization and Democracy. Syllabus
  • Introduction to Statistical and Programming Software. Syllabus


  • CU Boulder Graduate Student Introduction to Statistical Programming Software. Syllabus
  • CU Boulder Summer Workshop in Political Methodology: Machine Learning. Syllabus
  • IPSA-USP Summer School in Concepts, Methods and Techniques in Political Science and International Relations: Modeling Dynamics and Advances in Modeling Dynamics. Website